A female election observer was kidnapped in Novosvetlovka by members of Dnepr-1 battalion

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In Velikonovoselkovsk district of Donetsk region, armed men kidnapped and held captive an election observer for the candidate Sergei Sazhko.

The incident occurred at the polling station # 140095. The female, aged 50 years old, was kept in a car. From the building she was escorted by armed fighters with insignia of battalion “Dnepr-1”, as recounted by eyewitnesses.

At the same time, witnesses also reported that the armed men entered the building of the 59-th voting commission.

“Three people have entered, with machine guns. They demanded that within hours new members of the election commission should be elected. If they don’t get re-elected, the fighters promised to return and storm the building, the witnesses said.

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Journalists were banned from taking photos or videos.

The commander of battalion “Dnepr-1” Yury Bereza said he had no information on a kidnapping in Velikonovoselkovsk district by members of Battalion “Dnepr-1”.  

Note that in 59th district a Commander of the Dnepr and the Right Sector, Valentin Manko is running.

Earlier, on October 24, in the same 59-th frontline electoral district, armed men detained an activist for the candidate Sergey Sazhko. According to the victim, he was kept by the people of the candidate, who is also running for the district.

As reported by ‘PolitNavigator’, a number of political forces demanded the resignation of the head of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State administration Igor Kolomoisky due to his pressure on election commissions in his constituency.

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