A return of a wandering oligarch


Victor PASTUSHENKO for Rusvesna

First of all, look at the calendar. Next Sunday is October 26 – scheduled elections to the Verkhovnaya Rada. It is obvious that DPR and LPR will not participate. However, important things will happen on the junta-controlled part of Ukraine.


Sociological studies show that in the new Parliament the lion’s share of seats will go to the nationalists. Those opposed to their policies, even if they overcome the barrier, will have to stay in a proud minority.

Close to Akhmetov, the party “Opposition Bloc”, created from the former Party of Regions and their allies, has a chance to be among the winners of the race, but it will have to be content with the comforting prize in the form of unconditional outsider status among the winners. In other words, it will have to take the dead defense on the last bastion of the once powerful and impregnable fortress.

Is Rinat Akhmetov, a year ago – the former and full ruler of Donetsk and Lugansk regions with serious interests in Zaporozhye, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions, as well as in Crimea, satisfied with this state of affairs? Of course, not.

However, once the richest man in Europe will have to put up with losses. Some of his assets are beyond the control of Kiev in Crimea, LPR and DNR. Part of his enterprises, such as Avdeevka Chemical Plant, is in need of major restoration, another part, as some coal mines already impossible, to be exact —  unprofitable to return to life. Even some of the plants, as the Mariupol Steel Plants Azovstal and Ilyich, are functional, but the price of gas will make their products completely uncompetitive on the market.

Akhmetov is an outcast on the feast of the Ukrainian oligarchs, and they make it clear. Examples include attempts at raiding his plants Zaporozhstal and Pokrovskoye. The script is the same everywhere: arrive with a few hundred youngsters with aggressive nationalist symbols, block the exits and enter the administrative offices. Then the siege was over, but the owner got the message that someone had already laid his eyes on the property and will “press” for it at the first opportunity.

Now look at what is happening in Kharkov and Kiev. There are marching crowds of neo-banderites on one hand, and columns of armed vehicles together with the soldiers on the other. That is, it’s clear that no one will be satisfied with the results of the election, and the final winner will be revealed in an armed confrontation.

Unlike Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko, Akhmetov does not have his own security forces. And it means that even those voters who would vote for his party, can be easily removed from the protocols with a bayonet or automatic cannon fire.

Understanding his loosing proposition, Rinat Akhmetov decided to act according to the principle: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!” For the pursuit of a ‘crane’ most often ends in a ‘duck’ underneath the bed.

Therefore, he returned to his native Donbass. At home, he has a chance to become the second Igor Smirnov and be satisfied with the construction of Transnistria 2.0. While in Kiev all that shines for him is (excuse my French) a bruise under his eye and headlights of a police cruiser…

Translated by Kristina Rus

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