Commander Batman: Kiev junta is amassing MLRS within the range of fire of the militia

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Commander of the 4th battalion of LPR, Alexander ‘Batman’ Bednov reported that the junta is preparing for a full-scale offensive on the militia positions of Novorossiya.

Combat Batman said that near the contact line a large number of Ukrainian armored vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems are digging in. Tanks and Grads placed at this distance can easily fire on militia positions.

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“The junta is preparing to hit positions of the militia, the army of Novorossia is preparing to repel the attack. In the period between the elections of Verkhovnaya Rada and Novorossia elections the junta is preparing to deal a military blow. We are prepared fully and completely, we can’t wait.”

“42,000 people already grinded, will grind even more. The company’s summer results speak for themselves, the number of destroyed equipment and personnel exceeds all reasonable limits. This can be called a meat grinder for the junta,” – said commander Bednov.

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