Foreign social networks cooperate with Ukrainian Security Services – Nalivaichenko


Rossijskaya Gazeta

“Today in Ukraine, according to our records, more then 2 thousand people have been arrested for disagreeing with authorities. Several thousand more are simply missing. Many people have been watched, then while travelling to a different town they go missing. SBU can arrest literally for liking a militia page in social networks, and for possession of newspaper ‘Novorossia’.”

“Ukraine today is without a doubt a world leader in political prisoners, and a country where everything has been turned upside down. A person, who criticises the government – is a terrorist, and an armed robber and murderer – is an ‘activist’ and a ‘hero’ ” – said Vladimir Rogov, co-director of Committee for State Building of Novorossia, to Rossijskaya Gazeta.

Similarities between today’s Ukraine with Nazi Germany, and SBU with the secret police of the Reich are well illustrated in the following example. Dergachi District Court of Kharkov region sentenced a local retiree to a five-year parol sentence suspended for three years, for possession of a leaflet ‘Russian East’. The old man was reported by the neighbors to the SBU ‘hot line’. Whistle blowing is encouraged by the Ukrainian State, which even distributes instructions to citizens on the topic: “How to spot a separatist”.

Note that the claim by Vladimir Rogov that you can get behind bars for one activity online, is no exaggeration. The head of SBU, Nalivaichenko, complained that security services cannot disable Russian social networks ‘Vkontakte’ and ‘Odnoklassniki’ – the hot beds of ‘separatism’.

But the administrators of such foreign resources [Facebok?], according to him, willingly cooperate with the Ukrainian Intelligence Agency.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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