Intelligence reports: 70% chance of attack on election day, November 2

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Frontline update from militiaman Prokhorov:

“In addition to 31st blockpost (West of Frunze) Ukrop was covered in village Crymskoe (LPR).

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Troopers from the 31st blockpost (from the 8th) were offered to leave until November 1, otherwise will be destroyed.

Two things:

  1. Deputy Minister of Defense of Donetsk People’s Republic in charge of intelligence, major-general Sergey Petrovsky, aka ‘Gloomy ‘or ‘Bad soldier’ reported: “All gathered intelligence now show that with probability 70% attack on Donetsk from multiple directions at the same time is being prepared on November 2. Let’s do it – we are ready for the meeting.”
  2. The chief of the General staff – Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Murzenko today and tomorrow will perform his duties in the area of anti-terrorist operation. This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine – chief of staff, Peter Mehed:

“For the purpose of a rapid response to the problems and the situation that occurs in the area of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation), today and tomorrow the chief of General staff will perform his duties in the zone of ATO”.

So expect surprises from Ukrop.”


Translated by Kristina Rus

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