Is Ukraine running out of Nazis?

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 Alexander Rogers, Russian analyst 

“I have suspected since summer, that there are not that many neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Recent Bandera march showed that. Many cities were exposed, when most Banderites were shipped to Kiev for the main march. They had called for vandalizing and seizing Orthodox Churches of Moscow Patriarchate across the country, but didn’t have enough manpower to follow through. I think a handful of radicals are terrorizing the entire country” 

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Few more points:


  •  Many of them have been killed in a war
  • Often they get shipped around the country to various cities depending on a need for a TV picture, or a pressing need to terrorize the population
  • The day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was celebrated by only a handful in Odessa (150 people according to Odessa blogger @greycroco) who sang a few songs and dissipated in a couple of hours, while the second most talked about march was in Kharkov, where it was held for the first time ever (last year it was banned). As the most likely next in line and most vulnerable, also predominantly Russian, reinforcements were likely shipped there from other towns.

Kristina Rus


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