It doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted

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“We all remember Stalin’s famous saying, it doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted. In our view, today’s regime is actually trying to live by this statement, and especially in areas where the Opposition Block has the greatest support”, – said Yuriy Boiko, the leader of the Opposition Block.

According to him, 90% of all reported violations in the past 24 hours occurred on the territory of Donetsk, Lugansk and Dnepropetrovsk [occupied territories and Kolomoisky land] regions. “We were surprised by the statements of some observers speaking of the democratic nature of the elections, since it is difficult to speak of democracy when armed groups break into the territory of  district election commissions. And a number of such incursions in the past day was – 22,” – he said.

Yury Boyko also emphasized that the most typical violations that took place during the counting of votes, and observed by the Opposition block for the past day, linked to three factors.

“First, it’s an invasion of armed groups into polling stations and dumping previously prepared ballots,” – said the leader of the opposition.

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In particular, said Yury Boyko, in District No. 50 in Donetsk region unknown gunmen were present at the polling stations. Also was recorded a dumping of approximately 4 thousand ballots for the ruling party and 12 thousand ballots for a candidate who had the backing of the Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region, Kolomoisky.

In District No. 106 in the Lugansk region the work of the commission was blocked. And such cases are not isolated. In District No. 38 in the Dnepropetrovsk region, members of the voting commission were harassed and intimidated by members of radical armed groups.

Yury Boyko said that: “The Opposition Block prepared 18 lawsuits in courts about the violations committed, the letter to the international observers working in early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, as well as the President of Ukraine”.

“Our main demand is to stop the meddling of armed groups in the process of vote counting at polling stations”, — stressed Yuri Boyko.

“We will defend the voices of our constituents, because we see the insistence of authorities to reduce the percentage of our votes and to reduce the number of MPs who will defend the industrial regions in the future Parliament” – summarized the leader of the opposition.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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