Kharkov Partisans’ Manifesto

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Video: Anna-News

“We are addressing the Right Sector, ‘men in black’, possessed ultras and other traitors of Ukraine. We will find and finish each and every one of you – run! Hide, be afraid, you have crossed all lines and limits! ‘Peaceful protesters’, Maidan activists, self-defenders, fine guys from Zapadenshina, ‘students’, soccer fans and imports – know this, you are not the people of Ukraine! You are b$tches for sale, and you will pay for it! You have turned Ukrainian flag into a new symbol of fascism, it will tell us exactly where to find you.

The citizens of Kharkov, friends, none of us want war! All of us want to live in peace and go to work, and raise our kids. But the neo-nazis relentlessly provoke us to escalate the conflict. Remember, they are cursed. Don’t be near them, they will be destroyed. They will be done with anywhere they are found. Chase them away, so you don’t get scratched, too.”

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Translated by Kristina Rus

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