Kiev forces lost 47 thousand people – Vladimir Rogov interview


Video – Poznavatelnoe TV


Select highlights from an hour-long Vladimir Rogov interview to Poznavatelnoe TV. Vladimir Rogov is one of the leaders of Novorossia liberation movement and a leader of Slavic Guard:

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“According to our insider contacts in the Ukrainian military command in Kiev, this is the National Security Council data of military losses from May 2 to September 5 (when the ceasefire formally started):

  • Total losses: 47,103 (according to the NATO system)
  • Killed and wounded: 31,015 people
  • Killed: 26,000 (more then USSR losses in Afghanistan)
  • POW: 1,988 people
  • 14,100 people – deserted and MIA (most of them are killed, but not accounted so as not to pay compensation to families)

In the files of those ‘deserted’, it says ‘deserted 2 hours before the fighting began’, or “was found in the field with a gunshot wound to the head.”

Polish private military companies are actually American companies, which hire Poles and fighters from the Baltics, because they are cheaper then Americans. In Ukraine more mercenaries died then in the 20 years of their past engagements – 560 people. Life insurance for a private contractor is $1 million in America vs. $500-800 thousand in Poland. They were hired by Kolomoisky and Poroshenko.

[KR: 100-200 Polish mercenaries died in one single incident in Dzerzhinsk, where they hid in administration building and were bombarded with NAF artillery until the building went up in flames. The video of burning people jumping from the building is available on Youtube. NAF commander Besler talks about this incident in his interview here]

There are very high casualties on both sides, I feel for all of them, because even the punishers are our brothers who are infected with the virus of Nazism.

Also, every day there are 5-10 roads blocked in Western Ukraine by wives and mothers of soldiers in protest.


The new Ukrainian parliament will consist of the moderate nazis, the military Nazis, and the reactionary Nazis.



Ukraine is being turned into one big Kosovo.


The virus of nazism is more dangerous then the virus of Ebola.

The junta needs to show a picture of victory. The picture is painted by fighting with statues.

Capture cures much of the nazi virus. 90% of junta POW’s don’t want to go back to Ukraine, the militia guys feel bad, but they have to exchange them to get our guys back.

Most of our POW’s are not fighters, they are political activists, teachers, professors. For example, in Kharkov, a rector of Slavic University, Yury Samoilov, a happy grandfather and a father was taken hostage by 15 officers of Ukrainian special forces, who in full gear broke into his house and beat him heavily in front of his five year-old granddaughter, and pointed a gun in her face. Just think about the clouded mentality of these people, who can do this to a child. He was on the list for a POW exchange 5 times, but he was never brought, because they are most afraid of people who have the ideology and the skill to teach and organize the young generation. And we have dozens of examples.

Western human rights institutions have one purpose – to legalize the position of the West. During the exchange of POW’s western journalists were looking forward to juicy stories from Ukrainian POW’s. When the POW’s praised the militia for their treatment, the journalists were no longer interested. Similarly, when beaten and tortured NAF POW’s wanted to share their stories, OSCE representatives and western journalists at the site did not want to hear it.

(Vladimir Rogov is also a former advisor to Minister of Education of Ukraine)

 When Yushenko was creating lists of Holodomor victims, they used real people’s names from election lists, but listed them under a different region in Ukraine, as having died from famine of 1932. Unfortunately, the kids, who are jumping now on Maidan grew up with fake history.

The Great Patriotic War was turned into WWII, then into Soviet-German, then Communist-Nazi War, fought “over who can occupy the territory of Ukraine”. For 20 years Ukrainian history books spent the most part talking about one enemy – Russia, despite the fact that Ukraine has been part of Russia for the last 350 years, and Russian tsars founded many of the cities in Ukraine”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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