Kiev purges security services, including Crimean officers

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Since the beginning of the year, 249 employees of foreign intelligence service of Ukraine have been dismissed, including 59 managers of various levels. This was reported on October 21 by the press service of the agency.

47 former members of security agencies of Ukraine were prosecuted for treason, said the head of Ukrainian Security Service Valentin Nalivaichenko on October 21. He also clarified that it includes former members of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and Security Service.


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According to Vladimir Rogov, a head of the People’s Front for Liberation of Ukraine, out of 19,000 Ukrainian troops in Crimea, 15,000 have decided to stay and serve in the Russian Armed Forces. Apparently those who didn’t, had regretted it later.


Under the law on lustration (purging of those close to prior government structures or not patriotic enough), officers who have served in Crimea and took a decision to stay loyal to their oath to Ukraine have been fired.


This was announced on Gromadske TV by ex-Deputy Minister of Defence on European Integration, Admiral Igor Kabanenko, who also came under lustration.


The Admiral said that some Ukrainian officers have decided to continue to serve Ukraine and rebuild their country’s army, but for the fact that they had previously served under the Government of Victor Yanukovych, they were dismissed. (By the way, Poroshenko was Yanukovich’s Minister of the Economy).


“I was fired from the Ministry of Defence. There are also a number of officers, including those who came from Crimea. This I do not understand. These people made a conscious decision to help rebuilt our naval forces. Today many people, who were against troops being used against Maidan, and have done everything to prevent it, also fell under lustration”, – said Admiral Kabanenko.


Admiral Kabanenko was the first dismissed from the Ministry of Defence under the law on lustration.


“The Deputy Minister, Igor Kabanenko, who fell under the law on lustration, was the first fired” – said the new Minister of Defence, Poltorak.


“We will act according to the law. Those who fall under the new requirements will be removed from office in 10 days,” – he added.


Poltorak said the Ministry will check every employee “for compliance with the law on lustration”.

In addition, Valentin Nalivaichenko announced, 153 Ukrainian citizens have been convicted for helping Donbass, and 354 are awaiting sentencing. Also, just in the last week, 100 people have been arrested on suspicion of separatism.

As you see, the real patriots of Ukraine can now be found in Ukrainian jails…


Translated by Kristina Rus


Based on several reports from Rusvesna

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