Lugansk field commanders, Cossacks and politicians proclaim their union


Video: DNR-News

Lugansk army, the Cossacks and Mozgovoy ‘Ghost ‘brigade met in Lugansk and came to an agreement, declaring their union in support of the future elections in front of the cameras.

Head of Lugansk Republic, Plotnitsky:

“Today we had a long-awaited meeting between all the various popular commanders, and we had all agreed that the Republic is a reality, and we need to have the elections. We have to unite. We realize that without each other we will not be able to solve the mass of issues facing our Republic. Therefore, I am very thankful for this meeting. Those who say that there are different forces in the Republic are gravely mistaken. We are united, we have a unified center, a single vision, same goals, same tasks. I thank these people for honest and genuine understading of our tasks, for their service, that they were able to preserve their armies (I am not afraid to say that), and for them setting a good example to their subordinates. Thank you!”

Hetman of the “Great Donskoy Cossack Legion” Kazitsyn:

“I think we have achieved the goal, set before us. Our commanders who were here today at this expanded meeting have accepted it with approval and understanding. Of course there are small details, but we are working on it. The main thing is that we understand each other 99.9%. We have no differences. We have to conduct those undertakings, that we have planned in the future. We will achieve it with honor. Not only can we fight, but we can involve in politics. We will solve this issue in the nearest future, and we will make our young Lugansk People’s Republic legal.”

Commander of the ‘Ghost’ brigade of Lugansk, Mozgovoy:

“I will add the following: all of you know that I was against these elections, I have always criticized this government and previous one, and always will, despite anything. However, we have to come to an agreement and a single vision for a single reason: we have to assemble that fist, which will protect the choice of the people. And if someone doesn’t like that fist, it’s their problem. There will be no more discord, we will have agreement and order. And this is the only way how we can reach our goal – to get to Kiev.”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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