Nikolaev Republic Underground Address

Nikolaev Republic

Rusvesna from Center for Coordination of New Rus


Nikolaev has its own underground structure with a coordination center. It includes two elements: civil and military resistance. Currently the first element is engaged in propaganda work with the population and actions such as painting posters. Since Nikolaev anti-maidan was prepared in advance to go underground, the people have been trained. With regard to the combat element, its preparation and testing including fighting in Donbass, too, have been completed. However, it is not yet active, its time has not come yet. Its main task is the collection of intelligence.

How do you think we know so much about Merikov, the first and the second? That Bogomaz is Yatsenyuk’s person? That now courts are thoroughly cleaning archives, even though we scanned everything a long time ago. We know how much takes the Chief of Zavodskoy Police department with a beautiful Ukrainian last name Pokidko. We know about the district judge Androshyuk, and a host of other judges. We know the area and who took how many bribes, who was engaged in racketeering in favor of Maidan. Know who, through the banks, took elderly people’s housing and threw them out on a street. We know how many heavy weapons are in the city and the suburbs, aware that artillery is facing the town, know that the miserable want to blow up the bridges. Know about the rotation, about constant movement of railway trains …

We know how to run the plants, and what’s needed to do that. We know that the vast majority of Nikolaev inhabitants do not support Kiev junta, even though it is clear to anyone who rides public transport or goes to the city market …

We were taught how to find whats really useful out of mountains of information. We are now united in a system. And when we have to take control of the city in our hands, we will know what to do. We will not stay idle, and if we can succeed in preventing terrorist attacks, which are planned by Kiev junta, we will not loose power, or electricity, or water, or deliveries of products.

To all the ‘tourists’ who sitting on the couch shout that Nikolaev supports the Nazis, I recommend to stroll around Vodopoi, Raketnaja Rosha or Namyv in the evening … If you are in downtown the cops are forced to protect you, in the rest of the city you are one on one with the locals, so try to prove to them that they are in favour of genocide of the Russian people.

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Yes, we use physical methods on the most active enemies. But some of the facts you will really never learn about. As an example are two fighter pilots who bombed Donbass, and then suddenly “committed suicide”. After May 2nd we are not timid about our methods.

However, we do not suffer hatred to those who speak Ukrainian. Not only we have a lot of such people on our team, starting with the deputy commander of  “Berkut”, who now fights in Donbass, led by Motorola, and ending with a girl who translates fliers into Ukrainian.

I don’t want to say that everything that was done in Nikolaev, was done just by our group. There are quite a few people who just cannot sit idly by waiting for miraculous deliverance. We ask them: take care of yourselves! When the junta will be thrown out of our city of shipbuilders, we will all need GOOD people who haven’t forgotten about honor and conscience.

Nikolaev continues to resist, the townspeople see it in the form of inscriptions and splashes on the posters. Raguli (junta) see this as physical injuries of different severity. Authorities have to contain an army of ‘security contractors’ to somehow provide a visibility of order in Nikolaev.

But there’s another observation: people not hiding, not whispering, openly discussing the increasingly difficult living conditions, that the war unleashed by the Nazis murdered peaceful residents, regardless of what language they spoke. People see more signs “For rent” and “For sale”. Trade has almost stopped, and against this backdrop, released drug addicts and petty criminals are plundering the population. Public lynchings have already become common.

Novorossia has created an army, a real army, not just a militia. Of course, without those who had sacrificed their lives first, having lost their homes, and those who have lost relatives, without these heroes there would be no army. The army is too, a system, it needs to be built, but most of all it needs human resources. In Novorossia, there are not only the citizens of Donbass or volunteers from other countries. In the army there are residents of Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, lots of people from Galicia, there is no town of the former Ukraine, whose inhabitants did not shed their blood for Donbass region, for freedom, for democracy, for the future without fascism.


Why there is no offensive? Because time was needed to built an army, among other things, to rebuild infrastructure, destroyed by ukrops. A new society is forming. The issues of the banking system are being dealt with. And much more.


But no one forgets that Novorossia is not only Donbass, we remember the cities remaining under occupation. The townspeople of occupied cities fear of similar fate as Donbass, and hesitate to move to action. Well, we are forced to wait. This is one of the reasons why there is no offensive. Donbass took the brunt of the fascist blow, here they are and will remain in the ground, and by spring, Novorossia will rise!


This is the visible part of the iceberg. We are here, we are in the city, we are ready and we are waiting …


Translated by Kristina Rus

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