Revolt in territorial battalions, panic in Kiev

“Where are the communists?” “Are they not here?”

Victor Zubritsky, Kiev (Facebook)

According to verified information, from Police HQ on Bogomolets street #10 – Ministry of Internal Affairs is in real panic. Operational information was received that some territorial battalions are planning to unite and negotiate with the forces of the so-called DPR-LPR for joint armed march on Kiev. As a minimum, expect inaction of the forces from DPR-LPR during the campaign of the battalions.

Representatives from combat battalions believe that the government was hijacked by the oligarchs who robbed the people and the country, under the guise of conducting ATO, creating an armed confrontation within the country.

The Minister is clearly furious, subordinates are in a panic. The entire Security Service is on its feet with all the ‘capabilities’. Operational detachments were dispatched to identify and behead the “protest movement”. The mood is resolute, the goal is liquidation. But it is not clear who will execute the order…

So Avakov’s experience with Muzychko will have a sequence.

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Now Arsen Avakov and his Deputy Sergei Yarovoi have a new subject for concern, negotiations and meetings, as it is today.

P.S. It should be noted that in the Ministry of Internal Affairs along with panic there are other moods: “Finally!”

KR: In the comments the author said, the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a lot of friends and relatives, you cannot hide things like this from the general public in Kiev

Translated by Krisina Rus

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