Russian blogger receives anonymous warning ‘from SBU’: Kiev will attack before November 2


Live Journal @shrek1


“It doesn’t matter who I am.


I am writing to you from an empty account. After posting it will be closed.


My motives don’t matter. But it’s for our mutual good.


Let’s put it this way – I have some relation to the SBU.


The credibility of information is not less than 80%. That Nazguardia and the army are preparing to strike your Novorossia, I think you’ve already heard. According to my knowledge, this strike will be carried  out before November 2. Certainly I do not have to explain why? [Novorossia elections] But besides your elections, there are meteorologists who ‘delight’ our soldiers, preparing for winter.


Nazguardia and other ‘volunteers’, perhaps made themselves warm during ATO. But the army will soon start to freeze with their preparation “for the ground” [sounds like ‘preparation for winter’ in Russian].


Most likely our ‘single-tours ‘will not begin operation until October 26 (and this date I don’t have to explain to you). [Ukrainian parliament elections]


Make conclusions.”


Translated by Kristina Rus

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