“The enemy has enough forces for a breakthrough” – Alexey Mozgovoy interview


Press-Center of South-East Army
October 22, 2014

Commander of the ‘Ghost’ brigade Alexey Mozgovoy gave his sobering assessment of the situation on Wednesday, October 22:

– What details have you discussed at the recent meeting with Lugansk government?

– Why do you want to know the details? Don’t you just want to know the result, like everyone else? The result has been achieved, we shook hands, I think this is enough.

– You are based in Alchevsk, and not far from here is a front line. How dangerous is the situation on the front lines? What is going on there? Is it true, what Ukrainian media is reporting that UAF are preparing for an attack?

– We have been hearing about this for a month, and every day it has been confirmed. That the enemy is concentrating forces. That new columns are coming. That heavy artillery is not only not being pulled back behind the ‘neutral ‘territory, but is added daily.

– Do you know how much is it increasing daily?

– Enemy columns vary in quantity every day. The movement is from the home front to the line of fire in Debaltsevo, Severodonestk, Lisichansk, Mariupol.

– Are these the locations where an offensive is planned?

– Yes

– How are you preparing, are there any issues, do you need any help?

– We need tanks, and not just tanks.

– How much equipment do you need?

– We need a lot of equipment so we can at least minimally approach the quantities we are facing against us. Just like in the beginning, we have a large gap in equipment and manpower between us and the enemy. We cannot increase our manpower without extra arms. We don’t need unarmed soldiers on the front.

– How big is the concentration here, near Lisichansk?

– Look, there is a town called Mirnaja Dolina (‘Peaceful valley.’) Today it has been reinforced so much, that it can be re-named – ‘The Valley of Death’. There is enough equipment to make it a meat grinder. They don’t have to leave their positions. The enemy has enough equipment for a breakthrough. And other equipment will stay on its positions.

– Does the Ukrainian government want to divide Lugansk and Donetsk Republics?

– They used this tactic from the beginning. They want to divide the two republics, and cut us off from the border. Then the process of annihilation will speed up.

– As we saw in July and August, is the tactic going to be the same, using heavy artillery first?

– The other side is slowly moving away from the tactics of 1941. They understand, that when you posses equipment you have to use it, instead of manpower. If our side would realize that we live in the 21st century it would be nice.

– Are we witnessing a change in tactic?

– It has already happened a long time ago. The enemy practically doesn’t engage its manpower, only artillery and equipment.

– Has the change of Minister of Defence affected anything?

– Not yet, but I think it will.

– Recently there was a live talk between militia and Ukrainian officers

– Many didn’t like that I was talking to the other side, they didn’t understand what was said and what they heard. But I think these conversations are necessary, they should have started a long time ago, considering the information blockade that exists. The other side, thinks we are Chechen, Russian mercenaries or Russian regular army. So they don’t look at us like that, its important to talk to them. Yes they are enemy, yes, they shoot us, and we shoot them, but at all times, during wars, two opposing sides have met in the middle just to talk. In our situation it is critically necessary. I told them, and I will repeat it again, we are fighting with a mirror image. Not all people on the other side are fascists, and our task is to explain to them – we are not separatists, we are not terrorists, we are not the Russian regular army. Such talks will continue.

– Will you submit your candidacy for the election?

– No

Translated by Kristina Rus

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