The first phase of Kiev offensive has begun

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“Adviser to the President of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said on ‘Cannel 5 ‘that the truce in the East of the country was necessary for the manufacture of weapons and equipment, as well as for time to get military and financial aid from the West.”

“The first phase of the planned operation has begun. In particular, the punishers troops try to block approaches to Donetsk to completely cut off the city from supplies. So far the militia successfully prevented these attempts in local fights and kept control over the approaches to the capital of the Republic, which ensure deliveries of humanitarian aid.”

“Poroshenko himself, has said that neither he nor the command of the Ukrainian army never gave orders to shoot at human settlements. The same was reiterated by Ukrainian Defense Minister. If that is true, then the shelling of cities and towns in Donbass is the responsibility of illegal armed groups (IAG’s). According to the norms of international law they should be disarmed or destroyed.”

“The question of the need to curb the activity of IAG’s that do not obey the orders of the Kiev needs to be discussed at the United Nations. “It is necessary to ask the UN to oblige the leadership of Ukraine within weeks to disarm the IAG’s. If this does not happen, Russia has the right to send ‘Iskanders’ to firing points” – stated major General of Aviation and Hero of the Soviet Union, Aleksandr Rutskoy to the ‘Special Correspondent’ on Russian TV channel One.”

Translated by Kristina

(These are just fragments of the article linked above)

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