The Hottest Products in Ukraine Are made in Russia

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In Nikolayev, the appointees of the Kiev authorities, began to put pressure on the management of large chain stores, urging the labelling of products, made in Russia. To please the inspectors one of the stores sported labels showing a burning Kremlin tower with the ominous words “Made in Russia”.

Due to the fact that this initiative has not been enacted into law yet, this requirement is being touted as good advice and a strong recommendation, but with a hint of the consequences. The implications for the retailers can be quite extensive:

– Problems with the renewal of retail licence

– Surprise inspections from the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, Occupational Safety and fire inspectors

Of course, the labeling was immediately done.

But the intended result was quite the opposite. According to the head of one of the suppliers that supply Russian construction goods to stores in the southern region of Ukraine:

“As you know, at first I was very nervous, expecting falling sales, even went to one of the stores, to watch customer response. But it turned out that there was nothing to worry about, sales of our power tools literally in two weeks have almost doubled! Customers, seeing the label “Made in Russia,” asked, whispering:

“Is that really Russian?”


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“Well, then I will take it!”


Translated by Kristin Rus

Source: Rusvesna



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