The Right Sector reign of terror over Ukrainian villages

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A neighbor returned from Khmelnitchina, was at a funeral of old relative. The woman is in shock, but not from the sad ceremony. It turns out, Ukrainian villages live today in a real occupation regime. People are terrorized by the new banderite authorities.

During the family gathering after the funeral, a military truck “Ural” drove up to the hut. A green van with barred windows. An officer and four soldiers in camouflage uniforms and masks-balaclavas walked into the house. All with guns.

The officer showed documents of an employee of the enlistment office of Khmelnitsky region. Refused to sit at the table. Instead of “Hello” handed the summons to the head of household.

Host – local doctor, is visually impaired. The guy has a terrible myopia, glasses like magnifying glass. In wife’s arms – a baby. Two toddlers standing nearby.

– When to report? – asked the stunned man.

– Come with us right now! – interrupted the officer. – Have a backpack?

The mobilized tried to show his certificate of disability. The officer in response grinned: “Can’t see? Doesn’t matter. Will dig trenches.”

– I won’t let him! – screamed the wife. Rushed across and immediately received a blow with a gun in the stomach.

The soldiers grabbed a bag. Began to throw in everything from the table – bread, bacon, sausage, potatoes, cucumbers. Hid vodka in a knapsack.

– Lady, get up, don’t just lay there. Gather your husband some warm clothes, or he will go naked. And find some canned food.

For packing given half an hour. Frightened villagers rushed out from the yard. The village already had two waves of mobilization, but so cruelly ‘mobilized’ for the first time.

When the doctor was taken out, a crowd surrounded the truck. There were cries: “We won’t let you take him! He has three children who feed!”

Gunmen in camouflage uniforms without insignia silently snapped closures. One raised the barrel and fired a shot over their heads. People fell to their knees in mud, began to crawl away in all directions.

When the rear doors of the van were swung open and pushed inside the mobilized – it was clearly seen that there were six more of the same hunched men…

“Ural” left, taking away the live catch of military raids. Gradually, the neighbors went back into the house, to somehow comfort the wife and to finish the rest of the memorial dinner. Sounds scary, but it turned out that at the same time with the deceased were remembered the still alive doctor and a dozen villagers, missing this summer in the area of the ATO.

At the table was an honored guest, a local businessman, owner of several stores in the area. Usually grandmas after some shots take this opportunity to beg the “rich man” for some assistance. Now, however, no one was asking this man for nothing. Everyone knew of his present hardship.

A week ago he was paid a visit by the ‘Right Sector’. He was told he needs to provide voluntary assistance to the fighters of ATO. Named a round sum of money and gave him a list of needed food. On the list was “vodka, cognac, kielbasa, salmon, caviar and expensive canned fish.”

The businessman was a bold man and showed ‘dogs ‘the door [PSy means ‘dogs’ – Pravy Sector (Right Sector)]. Even threatened to send the list of requisitions with caviar and cognac directly to the prosecutor’s office.

“Wait, Colorado $#%&, you will regret that!” – warned him banderite bandits. [Colorado beetle has the same colors as St. George ribbon – the symbol of anti-Maidan movement]

And the next night in the villages three grocery stores went up in flames. One fire was put out, the rest burned to the ground. Police arrived at the fire, but only shrugged.

After learning about the conflict with the Right Sector, cops advised to remain silent. After the fall fires a ‘rich man’ turned into an ordinary village poor.

Transated by Kristina Rus

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