Ukrainian election – a victory of the fascist oligarchs

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Surely we can all agree that Verkhovna Rada elections held after the coup are illegal. But are they legitimate? Legitimacy is government’s representation of the wants of the people. There are two main options for describing preliminary results of the parliamentary elections:

1) A miracle happened, fully reformatting Ukrainian politics and politically liquidating about 50 percent of voters


2) Elections were illegitimate

Recall that in the previous election to Rada, 57% of voters came to the polls who voted as follows:



Distribution of votes by region (East/Transcarpathia/Crimea – Party of Regions, Central – Batkivshina, Galicia/Lvov – Svoboda) :



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In the current election, according to the Ukrainian Cenral Election Commission, after processing 70.86 percent of ballots, the equivalent of Party of Regions, in the face of  Opposition Block is picking up 9.76 percent, the Communist party gaining only 3.93% and failing to meet the minimum 5% cut off. Thus the party representing South-East will get around 10% of the vote compared to 47.5% in 2012.

A drop of almost 5 times could not be explained by creation of a new party, replacing the former disgraced candidates from the South-East. 

Maidan’s influence on elections is clear – it mobilized Maidan opponents, who made up the backbone of the Party of Regions and Communist Party voters. This is showed by the referendums in Crimea, DPR and LPR.

The loss of most of the administrative resource (which has not been eliminated to zero), of course, heavily affected the Party of Regions. But that doesn’t apply to the Communist Party. However, a voter of the Party of Regions did not go anywhere, so who is he voting for today?

Svoboda, while balancing on the edge of 5% barrier and might not pass to the Parliament, but … the political process in Ukraine is such that all parties have became ‘Svoboda’. What can you say about Poroshenko block, which proudly displays pictures of genocide in Odessa on May 2 as their accomplishment:

The Party of Regions and the Communist party, after February 2014 have lost their credibility with their voters, who feel betrayed . And rebranding into the Opposition Block doesn’t solve this problem.

So who should a voter disillusioned in the Party of Regions and the Communist Party vote for? He was presented a political menu, entirely composed of parties from a pro-Banderite consensus. And there is no principal difference between Svoboda, Poroshenko Block and Batkivshchyna.

So the anti-banderite voters (and this is not less than half of Ukraine) were de facto left overboard. And if half the population is de facto excluded from the political process and denied the right to vote, then what legitimacy can we talk about?


Banderites characterize this state of affairs as follows:


 “For them, we have a compromise. They sit quietly at home. If they want to talk about the “junta”, they can say in a whisper to the toilet. If they go out on the streets, we start shooting”.


Translated by Kristina Rus

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