Ukrainian nazis kidnap a family, drug 13-year-old and force him to spy

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“I live in Krasny Liman, near Slavyansk. One night the Nazis came and took us, our family to Avdeevka. Then they brought us, and took the family over there, and started talking to me. They said, they need me to spy. If you don’t want to spy, then … you will not live. They gave me a mission to find were DPR checkpoints are, and how many, a lot or a few, and gave me a bike. They were nice, I rode up and asked, if they are DNR or nazis. Then they said, lets go, took me inside, started questioning me, I was scared to talk. Then they shot something quick here in my arm with a needle. Now it hurts. They told me if I come back, then they will let me go. They just need kids. They won’t touch kids, they can beat up grown ups. They said they search for kids, age 12-13.”

Givi: “I will not let him go anywhere, because I understand that his parents … I don’t know their fate, but they can’t look for him now. I am not sure that this child after a shot … Our doctors are keeping an eye on him. I hope that we can give him medical help, if his condition changes. I can understand 18-year-olds, students, but not kids, it’s low, it’s not an honest war. I can tell you my friend Motorola never used kids in war, as opposed to these … low-lifes, who use our kids. It’s sad that these people have no honor, no pity. The best safety can be guaranteed by those people who carry responsibility. We are responsible for this boy. I am sure everything will be fine, we will find his parents, will free them, they will be together, he will go to school. If they are preparing children, I am sure they have girls who can flirt with militia at checkpoints.  I can see how our DPR police works. The guys are trying. Even if they know me, they will still check my documents. And I don’t mind showing my papers. Let them do their job, I am all for it. And thank god, yesterday my guys stopped him, he was in light pants and a sweater on a bike, outside at night it was minus 2’C. My guys gave him clothes and shoes. He will grow up, go to school. We will find your parents, everything will be fine!”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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