United States holds successful elections in Ukraine

Official turnout: 53%

Alexander Zhilin for Regnum


On the eve of the elections to the Ukrainian Parliament one of the advisers told Obama in the Oval Office: “Sir, the new Parliament will be a beast, enraged against Russia …”

And that’s what happened.

The new Supreme Council of Ukraine is 100% pro-American and russophobic. This is expected, since the election was handled by American specialists.

It is on their orders that the punishers took all polling sites under ‘protection’ (convoy) in advance under the formal pretext ‘to prevent provocations from the FSB’. During this time on sites in charge were Nalyvaichenko SBU agents, who could do anything: fill the urns with previously filled ballots, prepare the counted ballots and protocols, etc.

However, not everything went smoothly. Sensational news came from Kiev! A source in Central Election Committee reported, that according to some private observers at the polling stations, Lyashko was firmly getting second place, coming close to Poroshenko. This was a surprise to the masters. And then — attention! — United States embassy representative, who during the entire time of the elections was at the Office of the Chief Election Commissioner, ordered (quoting a source in Kyiv): “Reset the votes of Lyashko in favor of Yatsenyuk. ” And here we go! Open text over phone lines was delivered to all the polling stations!

What else will be new at the new Supreme Council of Ukraine, besides the anti-Russian rage? Yatsenyuk with Lyashko’s votes went up head-to-head to Poroshenko and have firmly settled in the Parliament, propped by the future coalition with implacable fascist wing: Lyashko, Tyagnibok, Sadovoy and permanently attached to them Tymoshenko.

Poroshenko received not even a competitor, but an enemy in the face of Yatsenyuk. It’s an American trick: create a competitive environment in the occupation government, when each is pouring dirt on the other. That’s how all occupying pro-American regimes are designed in all occupied countries. Strategically, the United States won the election. Therefore, there will be no peace!

Tactically the elections were won by three oligarchs: Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and Levochkin, who financed the promotion of their plebeians to the Parliament. Therefore, further decline in the standards of living is guaranteed!

PS Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front was the biggest surprise in this election, since he was getting only 10% earlier in the polls. As a face of everything that happened since Maidan, its clear even Ukrainian nationalists weren’t satisfied with him. Now we know where he found his magic boost.

Alexander Zhilin, Director of the Center for the Study of Social Problem Applications (Moscow), specifically for REGNUM NEWS AGENCY.

Translated by Kristina Rus


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