Documentary: “Blood and Tears of Ukraine” (Eng Subs) – Cassad TV 18+


Cassad TV

 “The Blood and Tears of Ukraine” – a new documentary film created by Cassad-TV (part of the new media empire of blogger Colonel Cassad) about the genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Donbass, the crimes of the Kiev authorities against its people. Film is based on real events and evidence of the direct participants – civilians, with whom the Ukrainian army is fighting.

The creators of the film show events in chronological order prior to coming to power after the coup d’état of the puppet government of Ukraine and the crimes committed by Ukrainian law-enforcers during a large-scale punitive operation in the South-East of the country, whose inhabitants refused to recognize the legitimacy of the new government in Kiev.

During the punitive expedition, on the orders of the Kiev authorities against the civilian population of the region heavy artillery and aircraft was deployed, killing civilians, including women and children. The main objective today for the Ukrainian authorities – is to destroy the inhabitants of Donbass, using a scorched-earth tactic against the South-East. This cannot be justified, forgiven or forgotten…

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