While everyone talked about Mariupol, NAF was thinking of … Kharkov? Two new cauldrons in Lugansk region open the road to Kharkov

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According to the source, Schastje is the headquarters of command center North, the nearest support of UAF is only in Novoaidar. In the event of successful offensive of Lugansk Republic Forces, UAF will find itself in dire situation and will have to urgently look for reserves.


It was reported earlier that the militia began to encircle the city and moved to the Northern frontiers of Lugansk region. Near the village of Bakhmutovka in Novoaidarsk district, two hundred soldiers of the Ukrainian army are surrounded in a cauldron, half of them have already been killed.

Militiaman Alexander Ivanov from Lugansk army reported that fightinngis goin on on the territory occupied by security forces. Attempt of the 80th airmobile regiment, reinforced with tanks, to cut through surrounded units of militia was repulsed. According to Aleksandr Ivanov, after the capture of Bahmutovka, a large group of Kiev forces in Schastje will be surrounded in a tough predicament. To exit of the cauldron will be extremely difficult because of the qualities of surrounding wooded area.

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Militia source concluded that as a result of surrounding a major UAF group, the whole territory of Lugansk region and the western parts of Kharkov region, where the resistance forces of Kharkov Republic are waiting, will be freed. This will provide a chance for virtually unhindered march to Kharkov.


Translated by Kristina Rus



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