Why I hate Maidan


Oleg Zheliabin-Nezhinskiy

You ask me why I hate all kinds of ‘Maidan’s’ and instead of blaming Russia blame America?! Sure, here is a story from a personal perspective.

Kuchma was not very eloquent and beautiful President, possibly a crook, but at least in his time we had some kind of stability. There was no such corruption, there was no war, no loss of Crimea and Donbass. Not to mention no political circus, such as the present. But no, someone did not like the dubious Fedorovich (yes they are all the same) and urgently needed to organize Maidan, and chose a new President. Who turned out to be the usual orator, but life has become worse, a complete mess.

But finally the situation began to somehow improve. I then went up the career ladder, there was now hope for some stability. But suddenly – surprise, America’s financial collapse, from which somehow  Ukraine suffered worse. Everything has collapsed, crisis outside, our agency is closed, the two dozen people are on the street. We survived.

After a few years, people who have tried and have been working hard, again began to gradually grow their own business, build a life. Regular people no longer care about the political circus at the top, they just want to grow and live a normal life. I too, felt relieved from the bottom of my heart, I thought the “white streak” has begun.

But no! Once again the same script, some inadequate people are gathering another Maidan. And all flies down the drain. I lose all that I created for several years. The country is in shatters once again, again crisis, again – no confidence in the future! Only this time apparently everything is much more serious. And on the billboards are the same faces as ten years ago, or their puppets. But the blame is on Putin. Unbelievable, that just kills.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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