Will the war start tomorrow?

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Special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Steshin twitted that the Ukrainian army, nazguardia and punitive battalions are preparing to attack on Election day – Sunday, October 26.

“In Donetsk it’s calm. Defence Minister of DPR confirmed: UAF is preparing to attack on the day of elections to the Parliament. Militia took up positions,” – said Steshin on Saturday morning.

On Friday, the special correspondent of the KP also talked about the alarming situation in the city.

“Strangely enough, on Friday Donetsk was eerily quiet. The silence stands out of the usual context and bothers everyone, without exception. We have bad news. We have checked through our sources, asked all officials — Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, Mozgovoy. All speak with one voice — Ukrainian army is preparing an offensive. The former Commander-in-Chief of DPR Igor Strelkov reported that UAF took offensive configuration. According to intel the Ukrainian army continues to stand in the fields. Of course, it’s not going to spend the winter there, therefore, waiting for the order to move.

Drones have intensified surveillance over block-posts and key positions on the field. The enemy provokes attacks of militias, to reveal fire positions. Despite losses UAF is carrying out recon battles. A week ago, a company with armoured vehicles tried to pass between the positions of the militia in Gorlovka and Yenakiyevo. Looking for weak spots, locating firing points, testing the interaction of two garrisons and their response to changes in the operational environment, searching for radio frequencies.

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Militia intelligence reports on constant move of UAF armoured vehicles to Donetsk. According to the preliminary data, the four directions of attack will be from Debaltsevo, Peski, Avdeevka and Volnovaha. The goal will be to surround Donetsk, cut it off from the outside world, and capture the city, making it unfit for life. As in Sarajevo or Homs in Syria. The silence in Donetsk can only be explained by saving the ammo for a large-scale art-prep.

Of course, response measures are taken. For example, militia increased its activity dramatically near Mariupol, in the farthest corner of the theatre of war to disrupt forces preparing to attack. In Donetsk new defensive positions are constructed on dangerous directions, militia forces are in full combat readiness.

PS. Well in the coming days we’ll see whether the junta got frightened by the alarming rhetoric and the re-opening of voentorg. Or if the decision about the offensive is up to United States, and no longer depends on what Kiev wants or doesn’t want.

PS2. Online today was a strange rumor that Strelkov was called back from vacation and will coordinate the activities of military forces of DPR and LPR. Since there is no confirmation from him, it is difficult to take this information seriously, especially since shortly after his resignation we already heard rumors that he will take the post.


Translated by Kristina Rus

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