Alexander Dugin: “Victory, and then democracy”

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Alexander Dugin – VKontakte
October 28, 2014

Democracy is not always and not everywhere a good thing. It’s situational. In the case of the Eastern regions of former Ukraine democracy used to be a relative good, as it somewhat held the attacks of Western Ukrainians. After the suspension of democracy in the course of Euromaidan, this protective mechanism has failed. Hence – Odessa and punitive operations in Donbass. In this case, the absence of democracy unleashed terror. But it is irreversible, and  there will be no return to democracy now in former Ukraine for some time. Only its simulation, simulacra will remain. What is going on in Kiev after the elections has no relation to democracy whatsoever: it is a union of liberals and neo-Nazis. That is actually the junta.

At the first stage of the uprising in Donbass there was democracy – and it was real and direct! But its time has passed. In the context of a liberation war against Kiev occupants . Elections in Central and Western Ukraine – a pure bluff. Should Novorossia follow suit?

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 Better to win first, and then proceed with the political design of the State after the fact. Because much depends on final borders, where we will stop. Therefore, the sequence is this:  . If you switch the sequence, you may not see the victory.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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