American instructors prepairing clandestine groups for Russian-speaking territories

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The first group of fighters from volunteer punitive battalion Donbass started training yesterday at the training center in the town of Zolochiv, Lvov region, under the leadership of American instructors.

‘Experimental’ program as outlined on the official website of the battalion, will last one month, and is aimed at training of junior commanders. It is reported that the Americans will train guards in all the subtleties of work with personnel, management of brigades, and improving coordination.

At the same time, according to other sources, the militants also will be trained to conduct sabotage and terrorist activities on ‘enemy’ territory, the skills of organizing of clandestine groups and intelligence.

According to the news agency Voenkor, the most ideological militants are chosen for the courses, including ethnic Russians. The latter, obviously, get special attention, because with the lack of accent they can be planted on the Russian territory with a minimum of risk of immediate exposure.

Commander of ‘Donbass’ battalion Semen Semenchenko (Grishin) have repeatedly talked about the creation of training centres for ‘partisans’ to work in the liberated territories of Novorossia and the Russian Federation. It should also be noted that US intelligence agencies have a wealth of experience in such training.

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