Besler: Poroshenko sold weapons to the rebels

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On November 28 a video with NAF commander Igor Besler appeared online, accusing Poroshenko of arms shipments to the rebels:

“Mr. Gerasimov, who got into Ukrainian parliament from Poroshenko’s party, said in his interview that I used to be his driver, and he has no other connections with me. I would like to ask Mr. Gerasimov a question, how did surrounded Gorlovka receive weapons in large quantities? That the weapons came from Ukraine can be confirmed by Ukrainian POW’s who unloaded it. And shipment lists described in Ukrainian what ammo, what weapons.

May be Mr. Gerasimov will tell Ukrainian media how through Mrs. Lebedeva and Mr. Poroshenko, who wasn’t yet a president of Ukraine, weapons were delievered to Gorlovka, not by one or two boxes, but entire ‘Urals’, and the frequency was once every 3 days.

I have a question, we haven’t received weapons worth 450,000 UAH, I would like to receive it in Gorlovka.

To those Ukrainians who give 5 UAH on the phone to support Ukainian army, I can tell, the price of a gun, delievered by Ukrainian side is 1,900 UAH, the price of a BTR is 19,000 UAH. We didn’t agree about tanks.

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This is where the weapons are from. So don’t look for Moscow’s hand, there is a very big hand of Kiev.

Mr. Poroshenko, when he was not yet a president of Ukraine had very good business with me. Delievered a lot of weapons.

May be he is conducting the Anti-Terrorist Operation to conceal the arms shipments?

Petr Alexeich, please decide whether you are conducting the ATO or working for me? You owe me 450,000, time to pay.”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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