Confessions of a Right Sector spokesperson/new Ukrainian parliament member, Borislav Bereza

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Borislav Bereza Facebook account, June 1, 2014

The right hand of Dmitry Yarosh, Right Sector spokesperson and a new Ukrainian PM, Borislav Bereza, shared the plans of Ukrainian military and the Right Sector regarding the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions on his Facebook account on June 1, 2014:

“What I am going to say is brutal, but honest. The situation in the East has reached a critical point. Having a dialog is not feasible. Mercenaries from Russia arrive every day. Their numbers are getting to a critical point. Considering the current number of Russian mercenaries, the military is guaranteeing successful execution of the operation .

The military has 3 demands:

, unlike what happened to Berkut police. For the government not to blame them for everything in order to clear itself.

Second – to provide all necessities, weapons, ammunition, transport, food. It is all available, but a decision is needed for distribution.

Third – an authorization to begin a final stage. This will depend on the president.

The thing is there is only one solution to the problem – a full-scale military operation.

Phase one – a locality is surrounded, through loud-speakers population is notified to leave the territory in 1-3 days, after which all remaining . Plus appearance of marks consistent with use of weapons and belts will help identify separatists.

Phase 2 – the city will be subject to .

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Phase 3 – repeat phase 1. Phase 4 – repeat phase 2. Then – the final phase of the operation. .

You will say its harsh? .

Otherwise . These people have always been eliminated. Do you want me to remind you about examples from WWII, I think not.

No matter how sad and tragic it is to admit, but there are no other solutions to the problem in Eastern Ukraine. And this is not my decision, its an opinion of . And I have to agree with them.

The only person, who can decide whether to give this order, is the commander-in-chief, the new president Petr Poroshenko. And he needs to be motivated of Ukraine, and by protecting the lives of Ukrainian citizens among the military and civilians.

The situation has reached a level, where there is only one solution. Unfortunately, there are no options. If Poroshenko wants to go down in history as a person who , then he will give that order. Therefore, the citizens of Donbass and Lugansk still have some time to decide which side they will take, and whether to stay or to leave. I have friends and acquaintances on the territory of Donbass, and I would tell them to prepare to leave.

They can thank not only their Eastern neighbor, but also those and the order to begin the operation.

 And let God help us survive this horror.”

Translated by Kristina Rus

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