Donetsk Republic will start paying social benefits to all needy categories next week

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The government of Donetsk People’s Republic is preparing to start paying out benefits for all categories of population who are in need.

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“Likely next week we will begin paying out social benefits, unfortunately – not yet in full, but 500 UAH to all categories of individuals who are eligible for such payments. These are retirees, disabled and all other categories. Of course, it’s not enough and not the amount that everyone is entitled to, but that’s all we can do today. At least a little, to give people money for their urgent needs”, – said Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of DPR on Social Policy Alexander Karaman.

PS Earlier Kiev officially cut off all benefit payments to Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, but de facto many haven’t been payed since July or August. Poroshenko announced that it is part of the strategy to win the war, without which it wouldn’t be possible. Government officials said on record that they don’t know of such places as Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. Months ago many residents of the new republics reported that when inquiring about their benefits on the phone, they were told that their location was not on the list of Ukrainian towns and cities, were benefits could be paid: “Your town does not exist!”

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