Is Kolomoisky more powerful then Poroshenko?



Kolomoisky right hand  Boris Filatov, famous for his FB post about Donbass: “Promise them anything, we will hang them later” made headlines once again.

This time accusing  Poroshenko camp of manipulating election results to push the team of Dnepropetrovsk oligarch against the people representing the former Party of Regions (now rebranded Opposition Block, but still referred to as ‘Regionals’) out of fear of sponsored by Kolomoisky punitive battalions. He posted with mistakes literally the following:

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“F%cking bastard ( Yes, I didn’t misspeake ), f%cking BASTARD Okhendovsky [the head of Central Election Commission] may declare that the decision of the court on the recount of the 38-th district is illegal. However, brazenly replacing head of District Election Commission not by party quota, but as he pleases. On the other hand, this lowlife can take a fundamentally different position on the 59-th and 60-th district even though it is similar!
And the representative of the president, Ruslan Kniazevych, on this day will travel abroad… Quite by accident. And Timoshenko suckers in CEC at this time will be silently playing along with the Regionals… And Yaremin idiots will take diametrically opposite action on the same violations.
They rustle, whisper, speak, and only for one reason. Because they kill hope. But hope cannot be killed. She is alive, as long as we keep her in our hearts…”


P.S. While the headlines focus on the balance of power between Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, the biggest player, Kolomoisky, remains behind the scenes.
He put his eggs in every basket, funded candidates in every party, including plenty of single-mandate candidates. He has his loyal private army of territorial battalions and reigns uncontested over Dnepropetrovsk region and beyond. It is an illusion that Poroshenko is a president of Ukraine, he is more like a president of Kiev. He has serious reasons to worry about Kolomoisky battalions, but even his Minister of Interior, Arsen Avakov doesn’t share his sentiments, because Avakov ran from the People’s Front of Arseny Yatsenyuk, which features many of Kolomoisky battalion commanders, and even has it’s own military council, which doesn’t have any relation to the Ukrainian military. This lack of unity and coordination among the various armed groups in Ukraine is one of the reasons why there were so many military disasters and numerous cauldrons that the battalions found themselves in. Many of the participants of the events firmly believe, that it was done on purpose, and shared their stories and evidence widely… Hence – the growing discontent towards Poroshenko from the ultra-right, nationalists and patriots who make up most of the battalions.

 In the meantime, according to Tsarev, Poroshenko had to share 1/3 of his own party seats with Kolomoisky, an 1/3 with Levochkin from the former Party of Regions. This is why Poroshenko is backing ‘Regionals’ (the party of leftover Eastern-Ukrainian oligarchs), because they are more controllable and cooperative, already marginalized and neutralized, unlike Kolomoisky.

Kristina Rus

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