NAF commander: “The head of a coal mine got calls almost from Germany, warning about coming artillery fire.”



November 14, 2014

We had many conversations and covered many different topics, but I want to summarize what I learned from a close relative who stayed there for two months, he commanded a platoon and left because he was wounded. The photos and videos that he made, were lost along with his phone, when he was wounded. So – no pictures.

I wrote from memory of his words, so I could forget or mix up something. In this post I will focus on some serious topics, and funny stories I will post separately.

1. There was no centralized leadership. Leadership is a complete mess. Commanders fight among themselves, and sometimes it comes down to clashes between units. My relative was about to be arrested three times by Besler’s people, but all the times they were sent to a ‘known address’. On the last attempt they even blocked a bus, and a firefight was about to start, but cooler heads prevailed. However ukrop have the same problem. Not once, and not twice watched as units trying to run from the front or surrender were completely annihilated by National Guard.

2. Akhmetov coal mines were the best. Watched the coal miners. If they go to work, then expect a quiet day. If no one goes to work then artillery will be busy, I prepare the guys. Coal miners running? Ok, be on alert. The head of a coal mine, whom we questioned, got calls almost from Germany, warning about upcoming artillery fire.

3. The airport is a mess. It was especially disturbing that whenever we began to squeeze ukrop, they announced the next “ceasefire”. Otherwise the second terminal would be taken two weeks ago.

4. Porechenkov. Yes, that was a very funny situation. He was brought to the airport drunk, some idiot gave him a machine gun to shoot. He shot at the car of the TV crew, who brought him there. Got a slap on the neck and put him to bed. About the fact that there are idiots who filmed it and posted on the Internet, I didn’t know until arrived. [about the scandal with a Russian movie star filmed shooting at Donetsk airport]

5. The commanders. Besler is a good commander, if he didn’t try to build Gorlovka People’s Republic, he would be priceless. Motorola wears a crown on his head. Feels like a star, and acts accordingly.

6. We got issued DPR badges, asked to replace the old ‘Novorossia’ badges. We told them to go for a walk, firstly we are fighting for Novorossia, and they are bright, visible from afar.

7. Reconnaissance companies – idiots. Came to me, all in clean uniform, well armed. Told them where they shouldn’t go, where ukrop is staying. Didn’t listen, went there, stumbled on a checkpoint, almost all perished.

8. There is an interesting question. How did all my passport details end up with ukrop, if I was known only by my first name and a call sign?

9. Hard to believe, but many people from Lvov, Ternopil and other Western regions of Ukraine are fighting for DPR.

10. Even if ukri managed to break the People’s Republics, Ukraine anyway is done. They will not be able to live in the same country. Too much blood has been spilled.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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