Poroshenko’s advisor, Russian-speaking Ukrainian patriot had enough

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Advisor to the President of Ukraine, a prominent activist, leader of the volunteer movement for helping the army “Wings of the Phoenix”, Yuri Biryukov, announced that he had lost the will to fight.

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“I didn’t give up on Maidan that night… I didn’t give up when my team sat in the cauldron in sector D and there was absolutely no hope. And they starved and died. Did not give up . Yes, and in many other situations – I had to revive myself, shake friends and colleagues, support the boys.

But today I gave up. Not only that, according to ‘Svoboda’ I support the occupiers, because I speak Russian. But damn, .
But ‘Svoboda’ has taken away my freedom of choice of language: it turns out that I am now for Russia, yes? And … And paratroopers of 25th airborne. It turns out we all support the invaders. And many many millions of Russian-speakers – we all, by the decision of ‘Svoboda’, support the invaders. Something like that.
Now I really gave up… And not because of ‘Svoboda ‘- after ludicrous antics of Farion it was difficult to perceive this organization seriously. But because . And Ukraine is not your love.
Is this what we are fighting for?

Translated by Kristina Rus

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