Putin: The Americans made a very pleasant systemic mistake



The West is hostile to Russia, when it protects its interests, said Vladimir Putin to Itar-Tass. He brought up Boris Yeltsin as an example. In the beginning, said Putin, Yeltsin was treated well, all that he did was greeted with “cheers” by the West  .

“In the eyes of the Westerners, he ,” – said Putin, noting that the habits of Boris Nikolaevich were not a secret before, but it didn’t bother anyone. “As soon as he tried to defend Russian interests in the Balkans, and made it clear, he immediately became the enemy of the West. It’s the truth, exactly how it was. And I perfectly remember it.”

The same thing is happening today: Western politicians are calling Donbass militia “Pro-Russian separatists”. Moreover, when Al Qaida fought against Russian troops in the Caucasus, and was called “fighters for democracy” by the West, the

“And in Ukraine? Aircraft and tanks, and heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers. Moreover, cluster bombs and (what’s crazy!) ballistic missiles. While  “, – said Vladimir Putin.

Moving from words to deeds, the West has imposed sanctions against Russia and its citizens. This, according to the President, is a gross violation of human rights. ” . They proceeded from the false premise that I have personal business interests because of relations with the people included in the list. By punishing them, the Americans were attacking me. This is absolutely far from reality,” – said Putin, adding that Russia has largely put an end to oligarchy.

, and the West is trying to punish them for it. “This only adds to the recognition of their achievements. No offense here, ” – said Putin, recalling that some of these people filed lawsuits because of the sanctions. “If courts in the States and Europe are truly independent and objective, decisions will be made in their favor, and if not – it’s a perfect litmus test”.

The President does not betray his friends “if they behave and don’t violate anything, and if not, then they are not my friends. To say: “they are Putin’s friends, let’s punish them, they will rise, and there will be a mutiny” – none of this will happen,” – said Putin.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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