Right Sector attacked the elderly participants of a communist rally in Kharkov (video)

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Rusvesna November 7, 2014

During the pre-approved rally of the communists of Kharkov, dedicated to the anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, aggressive fascist thugs, hiding their faces behind masks, attacked peaceful demonstrators.

The demonstration was supposed to proceed from the building of the regional committee of the Communist Party to the Eternal Flame on Sumskaya street to lay flowers to the memorial. However, it was prevented by an aggressive attack by members of the Right Sector, who almost immediately began to pursue the demonstrators.

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Chanting fascist slogans, the crowd of nationalists surrounded a small group of elderly protesters and began to throw firecrackers and stones. As a result, police surrounded the demonstrators in order to ensure their safety. Then a bus arrived at the location for their rescue.

However, the radicals from the Right Sector for a long time did not allow the bus to leave, demanding to see a person, who allegedly injured one of their own with a stone.

At the end the group from the Right Sector unblocked the road only after one of the members of the Communist rally was taken from the scene, accompanied by police officers.

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