Russia should enter its historical boundaries

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Pavel Chipilin

This story I heard the other day from Moscow State University Professor Leonid Golovko. In early 2006 a delegation of lawyers arrived to Moscow from one of the most developed countries of  to get acquainted with our judicial system. There was one world renowned scientist, very respected in his country. Leonid Golovko, too, by the way, an international expert, invited his colleague home for dinner. And during the meal he suddenly asked:

– How much do the Siberian and Far Eastern Russians from you in Moscow?

Professor was surprised, but answered:

– Oh, not at all, in fact, they are the same Russians, like all the rest.

 But wondered why suddenly the foreigner was interested in this question. And then it turned out that on the eve the native Embassy had a reception at which the members of the delegation listened to the .

– – our professor didn’t understand the point of the European.

But it turned out that Russia should be not only without Ukraine, but also . Siberia and the Far East should go into general use under external management. Case decided, the plan is underway. Foreign guest talked about it casually, as if talking about a refined recipe of Russian dumplings.

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At the time, Leonid Golovko, as I and like many of us still believed that the civilized West altruistically takes into account and not just their own. And the West is concerned about the injustice that has happened to Russia, after the collapse of the USSR, when we lost territory that always belonged to us.

More precisely, our Professor, as a wise man, maybe by that time had already begun to doubt. Because he is used to working with information, comparing different facts and establish causation. But did not expect that the aggression can be and quite loudly. That is, when such talks appear in intel reports and radio intercepts, it’s more understandable – dirty deeds and dirty goals are discussed in secret.

Moreover, we do not know what’s there, in these intelligence reports. Our liberals, for example, think that the State Department instructs their Russian Ambassador how to do for the host country. How to arrange Saturday clean-up of Krasnopresnensky Park. Or, for example, to feed a few of Moscow’s homeless.

And now it turns out that we have to be divided. Yes, even when we were friends, met regularly at G-8 and shook each other’s hands. Americans and Russians are “bye-bye!”. Putin’s soul can be seen in the depths of his eyes…

At the same time all European ambassadors are to intensify the struggle for ‘human rights’ within the country. In Georgia, Saakashvili got the job, Ukraine is growing a young banderite generation.

Now, after South Ossetia and Crimea, the plans had to adjust. But not the goal, of course.
The thought of Madeleine Albright that for me. Even if she did not say these words aloud, then she definitely thought so. Other American and European ‘partners’ think so still.

The funny thing is that Georgia and Ukraine still have a segment that believes that their country holds some kind of value for the US, for which NATO will go to war with a nuclear power. No guys, it’s the opposite: to fight Russia, to weaken and undermine it – , instead of valuable NATO soldiers. And first of all, for Siberia with its oil, which is desperately needed by the Americans.

However, perhaps, there are no more of those left in Georgia. Next is Ukrainians turn.
PS Around the same time, when the foreign Professor dined in Moscow, William Engdahl published “Newborn Russian giant strategically playing its cards”. In it Siberia is called the “Big Prize”. Very interesting, in my opinion.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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