Soros: “The EU is in danger of disintegrating”



Odious American billionaire financier George Soros, whose activities in Russia are highly controversial, said in an interview with German magazine Cicero, that the IMF and the EU should provide Ukraine with additional assistance in the amount of 20 billion euros. If Europe will not continue the full support of current Ukrainian regime, it will risk a full-scale war with Russia, according to Soros.

“The International Monetary Fund together with the EU would have to provide Kiev with  additional 20 billion euros, which would go to military spending and help to level losses caused by war,” – said an American financier. In addition, in the future Ukraine may need “that much money” to carry out necessary structural reforms, said Soros.

According to the American billionaire, the EU should be looking at providing financial assistance to Ukraine, because : “The European Union must finally understand that Russia is attacking not only Ukraine, but in an indirect sense, the whole of Europe,” – Soros expressed his point of view.

In this context, he noted that the required amount is quite small compared to how much Europe’s war with Russia would cost. And in case of failure of the EU and the IMF to provide Ukraine with support, under the influence of Russia.

Speaking about anti-Russian sanctions, imposed by the EU and other Western countries, the billionaire stressed their political importance. About the fact that the West is affected, including German entrepreneurs, Soros said , because it was foolish for them to invest money in Russia, because Russia was and is not a country ruled by law, but by self-will.

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