SOS from 31st checkpoint: “We will not make it through the night!”

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Novoaidar, Bakhmutovka, Schactje, Lugansk


According to the intelligence of the 1st Cossack Platov regiment at checkpoint No. 31 there is 1 tank, 2 APC’s, 1 mortar ‘Vasilek’ and about 80 people. Artillery battery of the Cossack guard destroyed column, which was dispatched from Moskovka to help checkpoint No. 31.

Life Underground: 31st Checkpoint – Video

Also radio intelligence of the militia reported that there is panic on-air at the 31-st checkpoint, asking to send reinforcements or to evacuate, because otherwise .

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As previously reported from Ukrainian sources: “The 31st checkpoint is on the brink. There remains only the 24th brigade of the armed forces. There are a few fighters left and they need immediate support! 30th checkpoint, and all the other checkpoints until the 25th are also under constant fire. High probability of encirclement”.

K.R.: Earlier 32nd checkpoint was captured by NAF after weeks of fighting, and about 200 killed on Ukrainian side, when 150 soldiers decided to finally walk out when they ran out of food and water. NAF always offers the Ukrainian soldiers an option to leave, but they refuse it because of orders to stay at all cost from above. This is part of why Ukrainian forces have such high casualties.

Kiev junta is guilty in the daily deaths of these Ukrainian men and thousands of others, who are sent to slaughter on a mission to kill their fellow citizens in the East. 

Kristina Rus

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