The car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk Right Sector and new Ukrainian PM exploded

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A car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk branch of the ‘Right Sector’ Andrey Denisenko blew up today in Dnepropetrovsk. No injuries were reported.

“I arrived this morning to my mother’s in this car. Half an hour later there was an explosion”, – said Denisenko. “Thank God no one was hurt, but actually .”

“Interestingly, at this very moment, when in Dnepropetrovsk our ‘Deo-Lanos’ was burning, a column of 4 BTRs and half a dozen armored vehicles of a special unit of the Interior Ministry ‘Gepard’ entered Velikaya Novoselka. I hope these events are not related in any way,” – wrote Andrey Denisenko on Facebook.

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Andrey Denisenko ran as a single mandate candidate from ‘Petro Poroshenko Block’. Recently he won the election in district 26 and became a Deputy of the Verkhovnaja Rada.

Dnepropetrovsk Right Sector office is located in the administration building of the Kiev-appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk region, Igor Kolomoisky.

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