The failed Ukrainian blitzkrieg that everyone failed to notice


Zakhar Prilepin – Facebook
November 12, 2014

Poroshenko announced yesterday about his desire for peace. He does not want that somebody somewhere would provoke WWIII. Who is he talking about?

Briefly will explain how we understand it.

At first glance, it may seem that Poroshenko took no less than six months to arrive at contemplating peace.

Actually it took him only a week. Last week.

In late October, Ukrainians, pressured by advisors from abroad, decided to go for a blitzkrieg. To solve the problem of separatism once and for all.

Our analysts wrote that blitzkrieg would happen immediately after Ukrainian elections – but it would be too much: the entire Ukraine was full of foreign observers, at the same time when it was necessary to arrange a mass bombing.

So they decided to wait a week after the elections for the votes to get counted and then strike.

In any event, this was madness. By modest estimates, in Donetsk there was up to ten thousand militia – guys with the most combat experience, and in Lugansk another five thousand.

Each house in Donetsk and Lugansk could turn into Pavlov’s house [as in Stalingrad] – and Ukrainian army is far from Red Army at Stalingrad.

But advisers…

Groaning and cursing all, Poroshenko ordered the units to assemble in specified locations, set their howitzers and deploy banners.

The offensive was to begin around  November 7. Kiev, as we have noticed, has a weakness to coincide every blitzkrieg to a date symbolic to Russians.

But then the unexpected happened. Which, however, was predictable.

In the first days of November militia The columns were arriving in the city with an enviable constancy. Some say, they were transferred from Snezhnoe. Well, who would argue.

A certain number of artillery and armored vehicles took up positions at the front of the Ukrainian positions.

And. The day before. The planned. Blitzkrieg…

… . They were bombed continually for two days and in some places dug everything two meters deep into the ground.

Kiev made frantic attempts (two or three) to launch a tank attack in different places (where there was no bombing) near Donetsk and Lugansk – but they ended with nothing. (One of the attacks was repulsed by a division of “International Brigades” – simply put: the natsbol).

And then, finally, Poroshenko spoke the key words: need peace, don’t need WWIII. Who would argue.

(At the same time they’ve got new “Grads” to new places and started to bomb hard the outskirts of Donetsk in retaliation).

…the above described situation is important why:

Here it happened – and silence.

Kiev will not tell, because they lost and blitzkrieg failed.

Moscow will not tell, because it has nothing to do with it: what blitzkrieg? What are you talking about? We don’t know anything.

Ukrainian soldiers will not tell you about it, because their motherland will not ask them. But when I talked to Ukrainian prisoners taken near Mariupol – during the last offensive when some unknown “polite people” have walked two hundred kilometers in a couple days, as through butter – prisoners spoke courageously, openly and frankly: we did not see any enemy –

The United States will not tell, because they are constantly bummed out about Poroshenko.

The militia will not tell. They have enough worries. They’re not very talkative.

In the end this whole story – sort of didn’t happen.

And if the blitzkrieg happened, what would be, Oh! Kiev would report to the world, how they swept Russian federals and Chechen air force and spetsnaz VDV. Europe would sigh about razed to the ground Donetsk and state: separatist forces were defeated by government troops during ATO, a number of military violations were made, but we will surely investigate.

In Russia Boris Nemtsov and company would have a laugh: so what, vatniki, Putin sold? Wait, you shall see the “Russian world” and “Eurasian Empire”! Crimea is next!

The patriotic public would be also sad and depressed: Putin sold, Putin sold, because Putin – is a guard at a gas station, that’s who he is.

…but as nobody told us anything, all are silent.

 Well, there’s some shooting there in Donbass. But who is shooting, who knows…

…the story does not end there, of course.

We witnessed just one act, how a blitzkrieg failed.

The day after tomorrow Poroshenko will order to assemble fresh units at the same place, and will try to repeat what has failed today. .

Just one thing: Poroshenko is lying about peace, lying, as he lied before.

But things can change: it’s WWIII, it has already begun. Trumps appear and disappear here every day, reputations crumble, billions evaporate, but trumps appear, profits are made, heroes are born.

We just wanted to tell you briefly how things are today.

Zakhar Prilepin is a Russian writer and journalist.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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