The lost lessons of forgotten Civil War. Bandera and Che Guevara.

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Excerpt from interview with Igor Chubais, the author of “The Russian Idea”

When the Great Patriotic War began, a powerful guerrilla movement also started, organized from the center of Moscow. But also a confrontation with own government and a civil war began, which never hapenned before in Russian history. If an enemy attacked, if the French marched to Russia, all the people were united and fighting Napoleon. But when Hitler attacked Russia, a civil war began. And and in different forms, in different structures fought against their own government.

But this civil war ended not in the 1945. . Because the partisan movement continued after the departure of the Germans. I will say more. Well known to all of us Ernesto Che Guevara really was in constant correspondence with Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Che Guevara studied the experience of the partisan movement. And he knew that even the Army Kraiova, the most powerful Polish formation, which fought in Poland after the war lasted only 2 years. Chekisty destroyed the Army Kraiova, it was gone.

In the Baltic States the “forest brothers” lasted 2 years, and they were no more. And the troops of NKVD, the KGB could do nothing about it. Stepan Bandera was very respected by Che Guevara, they entered into a correspondence. Fidel Castro together with Che Guevara and his friends landed in Cuba in December 1956. He was coming from Mexico on his schooner to Cuba. Bandera was invited to this schooner, but he could not make it because it was difficult to cross all the borders. Bandera was constantly in correspondence. Che Guevara said that he would never have taken the garrison of Santa Clara (this is one of the major Cuban cities). He attacked with a small group and took the city of Santa Clara. And Stepan Bandera, together with his commanders in Germany planned this operation and advised Che Guevara on the plan of action. Fidel Castro said that without the help of the Ukrainian insurgents they couldn’t go past Sierra Maestra.

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When Cuban revolutionaries entered Havana, Che Guevara proposed to make the Ukrainian language the second official language of Cuba. He invited Bandera to Cuba. And this is why in 1959 our agent killed Bandera in Munich, because Khrushchev understood that Cuba could go in the wrong direction.

This relates to our history, guerrilla movements and contradictions, which are still not analyzed and conclusions are not made.

Igor Chubais is a Russian philosopher and sociologist, doctor of philosophy. The author of many scientific and publicistic works. The initiator of the introduction into the Russian education system of the new subject “Russian studies”. Dean of Russia’s first Department of Russian Studies at the Institute of Social Sciences. Member of the Board of the Union of writers of Russia. He is a brother of Anatoly Chubais, but is not in contact with him. Igor Chubais was against Russia’s support of Novorossia.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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