The political corpse of Strelkov was removed from the arena, or do not make yourself an idol

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Mikhail On for Hакануне.RU

People constantly step on the same rakes, idealizing one or the other personality in culture, sports or politics – and then experience a bitter disappointment from the fact that their idealistic image is inconsistent with the real image of a living person.

Those who idealized Strelkov since spring experienced serious cognitive dissonance from his plans to participate in a nationalist ‘Russian March’, symbols and slogans of which are synchronized with the symbols and slogans of Ukrainian nationalists.

Dear friends!

The fact that Strelkov was a nationalist, was not a secret from the very beginning. And you were honestly warned six months ago. But you dismissed the warning: “Igor Ivanovich is good, he is right, he is for Novorossia!”

His communication with Anatoly Nesmeian aka El Murid was not a secret, and the incident with Kurginyan doesn’t  change anything. Of course,  Igor Ivanovich made an undeniable contribution to the people of Donbass and the whole future of Novorossia.

He, of course, fought with the spiritual heirs of Bandera, but was ready to march under the same nationalist slogans, and on the same day. He does, of course, stand for Novorossia with all his heart – but only for Orthodox Novorossia with monarchy, and the future residents of Novorossia in the vast majority are atheists, who prefer a socialist democracy. Not monarchy and not clericalism.

In short, you should not unduly idealize Strelkov. It’s human to make mistakes. And some still persist in their errors. And it wouldn’t be so bad, if these errors had an impact only on Strelkov.

Alas, the consequences can be sad for Novorossia, for Russia and for the Russian world. Not to mention the South-East of Ukraine, remaining under the control of the neo-fascists of all stripes.

Implicated in the ‘Russian March’, which has been labeled as ‘Russian Fascist’, Strelkov, knowingly or not (hopefully not) stained the entire Russian world in the colors of the forces that he fought in leading the armed forces of Novorossia.

And that would play into the hands of enemies. That is why he was publicly reprimanded by a few top bloggers [mikle1 and yurasumy] and literally on the last day was forced to forgo participation in the march, where the following was heard:

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Andrei Saveliev, Chairman of the unregistered party ‘Great Russia’:

“Our enemies do everything to break up the unity. We are for Novorossia and against ! We need Russian power here and there! Glory to the nation, down with the oligarchs!” – he shouts.

Then came out the wife of Vladimir Kvachkov and read his letter from prison about “Jewish-banderite coup in Kiev”: “We do not need any external leeches or worms and parasites on our internal Russian body. We are not afraid to overthrow Putin!”

And there was supposed to be Strelkov, giving legitimacy to calls to overthrow Putin. At this meeting. What a picture spoiled for the junta!!!

Luckily he was talked out of it. Strelkov writes: “…forced to abandon personal involvement in the “Russian March for Novorossia”, in order to avoid direct linking of my name with these ideas. I hope that the other organizers of the march will perform and conduct the event in support of Novorossia, and not for anti-government propaganda”.

The key words are “FORCED” and “to avoid DIRECT linking”.

In short, friends, don’t create idols of sinful people. Better take as example the experience of Novgorod, which invited princes for some state functions (specifically civil court and defense), and when they misbehaved – opened the doors before them with the words “the road in front of the prince is open.”

In other words, the prince was kicked out of town as soon as he didn’t please the citizens.

This is the right approach. In any case better than to broadcast to the whole world the crackle of exploding templates.

Only those who do not get enchanted, don’t get disappointed. It seems that today a political corpse of Igor Strelkov was removed  from the arena of big-time politics. A great fighter and idealist.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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