The real reason for elections in Novorossia



Elections in any country is a process that is intended to solve certain problems. The problems are different: corruption, direction of the country, economic program, etc. Various problems. Elections are designed (although not always the case) to solve most of them. Let’s see what problems were solved by elections on October 26 and November 2. .

The idea of the President was such that these elections would allow him to form the Parliament under his control, which would break the vicious circle of ” (well, they did not study French). Well, what kind of prospects can Ukraine have with such ‘elite’?

Hence let’s make a conclusion. Ukrainian elections failed. None of the problems of the country will be solved with this election. On the contrary, only aggravated. Already, no wonder those in the know already speaking of …. .

Originally elections were designed to solve a single problem. . How do you imagine the government in Kharkov after liberation? Warlords are going to divide their zones of influence? And how will it end?

Hence, elections are a necessary and the only way to bring ‘civilized’ (without shooting) basic order. And it was done. The authority went to one group of influence, which is now not simply the first among equals, but a ‘legitimate authority’. And even here . Without a strong central vertical of power we will not win a war. Hence my comment on the resignation of Bezler. As I understand it. In DPR a new system of government developed in which the former field commanders have to choose: either they fit in on the rights of ordinary commanders or leave. There’s no other option. And this is right.

Moscow is hinting at Kiev, that now they have worthy negotiators: Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky. And if in the beginning of September in Minsk it was ‘shameful’ to sit with them at the same table, but now …

Russia urged Ukraine to halt military operation against Pro-Russian rebels in the East of the country, saying that the rebel leaders have sufficient mandate to hold talks with Kiev after the elections in South-East of the country.

“The elected representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk Ukrainian authorities to deal with problems (…) through political dialogue,” – said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin.

If official Kiev will sit at the negotiating table it will be a full diplomatic ‘loss of face’. If not – a failure of the peace process. And this is in the context of demonstrative preparations for an offensive of UAF. Yes, the choice is not easy. But they will have to make it.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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