The reckoning is coming

9 34

Everyone who has nieces and nephews will understand this.

A statement of a young woman, whose sister, together with her kids and husband were murdered by Kiev missile in Gorlovka:

“I am asking to share this so that all the f#cking ukrop will see this and know!!! I am joining the militia. I will be 26, I’m a girl with very poor eyesight, but I will find the money for lenses or glasses, but I shoot very well, I’m going to kill you one by one, I won’t shoot in the head or heart, I will shoot you in the arms, legs, stomach, so that you will die, BEASTS, as my sister in agony, knowing that you don’t have a family anymore and that your children were buried in a closed coffin, because there was meat, and not the children. I will grind you freaks with my teeth into tiny pieces. For my family, for the babies, for Oleg, for Tanushka. Burn in hell, you bastards. The reckoning is coming!!!”

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