Tymchuk: “OSCE cooperates with terrorists”

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Kiev government’s #1 social media warrior and a promoter of the concept of “Russian aggression against Ukraine,” Dmitry Tymchuk has accused the international OSCE mission of cooperation with “terrorists” and “occupiers” after a report was published by OSCE, which indicates that the cause of death of children near a Donetsk school on November 5 was

As stated by Tymchuk, the group “Information resistance”, which is under his leadership will halt cooperation with OSCE observers.

“At the last request of the OSCE representatives to meet for expert consultation with the coordinators of the group “Information Resistance” we gave the following answer (please read the official refusal on our part from further contacts with this organization that we worked with since spring 2014):

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Thank you for the invitation. However, due to recent events (referring to the report of the OSCE observers regarding the death of [not kids?] near school No. 63 in Donetsk in the shelling, as well as past facts of cooperation of the OSCE with terrorists and activities in favor of the aggressor in the face of the Russian Federation) we, i.e. the group “Information Resistance”, are forced to abandon our contacts with representatives of your organization. We appreciate the efforts and activities of the OSCE representatives from European countries. However, while the OSCE is widely represented by citizens from Russia, this organization, to our deep regret, very often acts as a screen to the aggressive plans of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Therefore, we consider it impossible to further work jointly with this organization,” – wrote Tymchuk.

It is obvious that the “expert consultations” with the authors of numerous disinformation attempts aimed at inciting war will be sorely missed by the representatives of the OSCE.

PS Cognitive dissonance successfully avoided …

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