Ukraine did not finish counting the votes due to Right Sector blocking access in 59th precinct

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The Central Election Commission 

CEC was not able to obtain data from the last district No. 59 in Marinka, Donetsk region [the part of Donetsk Region still under the control of Kiev]. Here, the commission could not enter data protocols into the information-analytical system ‘Elections’ on voting results from about 20 precincts.

“This is the last district in which the election results are not fully entered in the system “Elections”. The problem is that around the district election commission (DEC) , who in every way hinder the work of the Commission.

“They do not allow commission members and technical workers into the office. I have already addressed the Security Service and the Prosecutor’s Office. to unblock the commission and allow it to continue working,”  – said Shelestov.

According to a political analyst and head of the Donetsk Regional Association “Committee of voters of Ukraine” Sergey Tkachenko, the situation in the district resulted from the struggle between the candidates – mayor of Kurakhovo Sergei Sazhko, and Chief of Staff of the volunteer battalion “Dnepr-1”, Valentin Manko.

” However, he was accused of sympathizing with the separatists. A violent confrontation between police and ‘volunteers’ occurred, who blocked the DEC,” – said Tkachenko.

According to him, candidates tried to establish control over the commission before the election day, as evidenced by . During the counting of votes CEC terminated nine members of the DEC, but the court had restored them. Now the CEC tries to appeal this decision to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Tkachenko says: “Actually, this is a conflict between financial and industrial groups, , who are fighting to give their candidates a parliamentary mandate. According to the expert, Sazhko represents ‘team Akhmetov’, who owns the local power station, where the mayor of Kurakhovo worked previously as head of production. Manko represents the sphere of influence of the head of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Administration, Igor Kolomoisky, because of his association with the battalion Dnepr-1”.

“In the battalion the situation is presented as a war with the old regime, which, according to them, is represented by Manko’s opponent. And representatives of Sazhko say that . But it is clear that the fight for the next MP is between Kolomoisky and Akhmetov”, – said the analyst.

Meanwhile the commander of  Dnepr-1, Yuri Bereza, told reporters that “The battalion is not involved. Apparently,  “.

It is noted that according to the preliminary data, Sazhko is ahead of his opponent by about 1,900 votes.

Coordinator of the electoral programs of the civil network OPORA Olga Aivazovskaja sees the risk that the DEC will not be able to organize the work in the 59th district. “The results of the election in this constituency potentially “, – she said.

The law allows the CEC to take upon itself the functions of the local commission and to declare the voting results based on all election documents from the district, said the expert. In particular, in the parliamentary elections in 2012, the CEC was unable to establish the results in a number of districts, so there was a precedent.

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However, the position of the CEC is that the commission has sufficient time to observe entitled under the law procedure in 59th constituency. The deadline for the official announcement of the results of parliamentary elections expires November 10. The CEC in the near future is awaiting the court’s decision, which will change the composition of DEC No. 59 and, finally, to count the votes.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Yarosh (also a new PM from the Right Sector) announced: “The Central Election Commission instead of recognizing the victory of Valentin Manko at the 59th district is doing everything to disrupt the elections…”

Andrey Denisenko (whose car was blown up today), the head of the Right Sector in Dnepropetrovsk, and himself a fresh deputy, said today: “But actually the boys were preparing, as well as yesterday, to go to the 59th election district in support of Valentine Manko and against the pushing into the people’s deputies of ‘Party of Regions’ separatist.”

“Interestingly, at this very moment, when in Dnepropetrovsk our ‘Deo-Lanos’ was burning, I hope these events are not related in any way,” – wrote Andrey Denisenko on Facebook.

Andrey Denisenko ran as a single mandate candidate from ‘Petro Poroshenko Block’. Recently he won the election in district 26 and became a Deputy of the Verkhovnaja Rada.


“The Central Election Commission …

The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the CEC Chairman Mykhailo Okhendovsky, the Attorney General Vitaly Yarema, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and Chairman of the Security Service Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.

The following map shows the boundaries of Kolomoisky influence (in yellow), where the data was different from the rest of South-East Ukraine in 2014, for the first time in decades.

Turnout = 53% total

Kristina Rus

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