Right Sector fighting with Ukrainian Armed Forces – Graham Phillips interviews NAF in the trenches

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Graham Phillips visited militia brigade ‘Vostok’ in their trenches at the front line of Donetsk Republic, near Donetsk airport and the village of Peski.

NAF fighter: They are shooting at the flanks with long-range, pounding. As usual scared to come close.

G.P.: Is that a normal Ukrainian tactic? To use artillery?

NAF: That’s their tactic all the time, since Slavyansk, they only shoot from afar. Maximum they can get out with a tank for 1.5 kilometers. Look behind at the trees, that’s from tanks. They are scared to come close. A few times (3-4) they tried to come out – tanks, BMP, troopers, walking like heroes. We shot them with a machine gun, that’s it – silence, tank burned down, BTR burned down. Now they sit quietly, no more mischief …. They can only fight from afar, but to come close … I used to swear in Slavyansk, now I don’t see a point in swearing. Do you want some coffee?

G.P: Yes, sure

 NAF: Lets go have some hot coffee

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NAF:  . Shooting at each other in Volnovaha. Heavy, with BTR. Not a shot from us. Where are they shooting, why are they shooting? Shooting at coal mines. Why?

– So that there will be no work

NAF: To get rid of the workers. Why hide it? America paid for everything, America and NATO, they want to do everything with the hands of others: Yugoslavia, Serbia, Transnistria. They want to do it here, but we will break their canines. Not the first time …

G.P. : How is your mood?

NAF: Always perfect. Positve, but I am said for the kids, who are injured in the war. I don’t worry about myself, but not the kids. If Ukrainians started an attack, I would only be glad. Finally, the more grass – the less to cut. The only thing that makes me sad – tired of burying them, they leave their dead behind on the field, we bury them like normal people, not with bulldozers, put them in the ground, put up crosses, they are orthodox, Christians…

Translated by Kristina Rus

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