Ukrainian soldiers demand free food and livestock from locals

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UAF soldiers do not regularly receive food rations, so they take poultry and cattle from the rural residents of Kherson region, said a  resident of Chaplynka village to a correspondent of news agency ‘Novorossia’. From her shed the soldiers took chickens and geese. The woman’s neighbours were less fortunate – they lost goats, pigs and cows.

In the village shed doors are left open at night. Those who try to save their livestock, locking the doors, are dealt with dramatically.

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The locals are terrified and do not enter into disputes with the military, because the police is idle (before Maidan there were massive layoffs of law enforcement officers in Chaplynka).

According to the woman, residents of remote villages suffer even more from the military. For example, UAF soldiers regularly go grocery shopping for free, and when shop owners protest, they are told that the soldiers came

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