Vladimir Rogov speaks about elections and Kiev’s change of heart about attacking Novorossia

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Host: Our guest is a Chairman of the Committee of State Building of Novorossia, Vladimir Rogov, from Donetsk

V.R.: We drove several hundred kilometers through Lugansk and Donetsk Republics with a delegation of observers from USA, Great Britain, EU, and Canada. Unfortunately we were here as international observers from Ukraine, since my native Zaporozhje, like Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are now occupied parts of Novorossia. We had to learn the experience to use for our territories for after their liberation from Ukro-Nazi occupation.

Our Western colleagues, the representatives of the ‘civilized world’, as they like to say in occupied Ukraine were watching and learning the level of democracy and transparency. The Canadian representative said the elections of the mayor of Toronto did not even compare to the elections for the parliaments of  Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, which will became the root of Novorossia. He was comparing Krasnodon and Alchevsk with Toronto, not to mention Donesk and Lugansk. There were lines one kilometer long with people eager to express their wishes in these elections.

I have to note that we had passed an exam on the maturity of people’s governance. Another thing was Russian Spring on May 11, which started in Crimea and blossomed in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which became Republics after the referendum. People were emotionally charged. Now I had questions whether people would be as enthusiastic after all the difficulties of war and losses of loved ones, the refugee crisis brought by Ukrainian punitive forces. Despite the cold weather people spent a long time in lines and were positively motivated.

Hospitals and schools are getting rebuilt, and although they get shelled again, they get rebuilt again. After yesterday’s events I am confident more then 100%  that Novorossia will win, and will exist at least in the borders from Odessa to Kharkov. And most likely it will exist inside the borders of entire former Ukraine, except for Galicia, which we will let go, and which will become the outback of Europe. It’s still a question whether we will let them come to work and make money in Novorossia.

Host:  What was your personal impression? What was people’s attitude?

V.R.: It was a celebration of people’s democracy. ‘Democracy’ in Ukraine became a dirty word lately, since we know that what goes on in Ukraine has little relation to democracy. The turnout in my opinion was on the same level as the May referendum. But then it was spring, everyone had hopes, and now its tried hopes and confidence in victory.

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Everyone was cracking jokes that the Kiev junta again branded everyone who voted as terrorists (squared). The foreign observers were amused that they are not allowed to go to Ukraine, said they don’t want to go to Nazi Ukraine anyway, and will go there when we liberate it. In Ukraine elections of October 26 the Central Election Committee in Kiev was guarded by the Right Sector, which were themselves running in elections. Here everything was transparent. Elections united various parties and movements. People understood that they have to sacrifice personal ambition and interest for the good of all, the building of our common state and our common victory. Ancient Greeks said, “Voice of the people is voice of God.” Yesterday, I am sure that God heard the voice of the people, because the sun came out and the weather turned nice.

 Today Kiev has a chance to survive. But I am sure they will not use that chance because the instinct of self- preservation of Poroshenko is not that great. If they accept this election – then they want peace and have a chance to preserve a part of Ukraine inside Ternopol or Lvov ‘Peoples Republics’. If they don’t recognize the election – that means they want war, and it will end with the liberation of entire Ukraine. 

Host: Everyone expected rightfully an order from Kiev to attack on November 2. That didn’t happen, and as the military guys from Donbass told me, it didn’t happen because Ukraine realized what a strong massive army of Novorossia is facing them. Ho do you comment on the fact that Kiev did not  attack?

V.R: Without going into details, Ukrainian military understood clearly , that this attack would not only be the beginning of the end, but the end of the remains of Ukrainian army. It would usher the liberation of Kiev and Lvov, not to mention the rest of Novorossia much sooner. The instinct of self-preservation has worked at least for the meantime. They understood they wouldn’t even survive until the celebration of Holodomor in a few weeks, a big tragedy, which was turned into a show by way of falsifications and so on. Clearly a number of forces moved from Melitopol (from my native Zaporozhje region), Izum and Kharkov was massive to the liberated territory of our young state in the East.

Yesterday and today we had a sleepless night, while we were waiting for results. There were a lot of foreign journalists. In private conversations they said, we have seen a lot, but here everything is really transparent and impressive, but we have orders to tell how bad everything is. I told them, I understand, but at least tell your friends and family, how it really was.

November 2 is another date after May 11 in the state building of Novorossia. Referendum was step 1. Election is step 2. Step 3 is – liberation of the whole territory of Novorossia. At the end, I want to remind you, that November 3 in Ukraine is a day of Air Defence and Artillery and today they are the main criminals along with the heads of Kiev junta who will be tried at Slavyansk tribunal.

Therefore, friends, congratulations on the election of the free people on free land!

Translated by Kristina Rus

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