15 Ukrainian Nuclear Reactors are in Danger of Power Loss and Disaster


Press Release                                                               December 16, 2014

For immediate distribution

Ukraine is running out of coal to fuel their thermal power plants. Due to the civil war, the country is in economic collapse, and by September, 50% of Ukraine’s coal mines were shut down. Coal miners have left their jobs to protect their families and homes from the Kiev regime’s assaults. Supply roads have also been destroyed. Due to the new supply of weapons to the Kiev regime and the regime’s goals, the stability of the country will further deteriorate.

The Kiev regime cannot find coal to keep the country going.

If the reactors lose power, and generators do not operate, there would be uncontrollable temperature rises, explosions, meltdowns and melthroughs, just like Fukushima. Spent fuel pools would erupt. Fukushima has three reactors. Ukraine has 15 reactors — five times Fukushima. Anyone who follows the Fukushima situation knows how terrible it is, affecting the oceans and the entire Earth, and that it is worsening. What would 15 more reactor disasters do? Would it be “game over” for all of us?

The United States and NATO allies created this catastrophic situation.

It is up to the US and NATO allies to stop this horrific situation now and to provide all assistance in terms of coal and energy supplies to protect the power grid in Ukraine.

Time is of the essence.

Nina Beety     

Monterey, CA







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